Her Royal Highness Review

Title: Her Royal Highness
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Release Date: 7 May 2019
Age Range: Young Adult

I have some small conflicting feelings about this book because I liked it, but a couple small things still bothered me.

I really wanted to love it! I really did because it’s about royals AND it’s queer and it’s f/f, but it just fell short. It was still fun to read, but it wasn’t as good as my brain had hyped it up to be.

One of the things that bothered me is the fact that you get a couple scenes with Millie’s supposed best friend and then you never hear about him again. And when he is mentioned it feels like an after thought. The same can be said about her dad too. I moved three hours away to college and talked to my family all the time. And from my interpretation, Millie has a good relationship with her family.

Another thing I was sad about was the relationship between Millie and Flora. I love them together, I really do, but I just wish it didn’t feel so rushed. Maybe this is my love for slow burn that makes it feel eh to me. I just feel like you spend a lot of the book watching the two not care for each other and then BAM friends and the next breath they’re together. There’s no pause to really figure out the friendship. It just goes straight from “oh you’re nice to me now.” to “Definitely more than friend feelings.” I wish it would have slowed down to really establish that they’re on friendly terms before going into the attraction stage. But again, that could be my deep love for slow burns and people being friends before getting into a relationship talking.

To end on a positive. I loved the writing and the whole plot was adorable. Especially when The Challenge happened and the thanksgiving scene. I also felt like the characters were pretty fleshed out. They didn’t feel like carbon copies, they actually felt like different people. AND THAT ENDING. You know that awkward gush some people do when the cutest thing just happened and you have to set it down real quick? That was me. THE CUTEST THING.

I would definitely recommend this book if someone is looking for a light and fun f/f book with princess or just a fun easy read.