Heartstopper Kickstarter and Webcomic Review

Title: Heartstopper

Author: Alice Oseman

Genre: Contemporary

Publish date: February 7, 2019

Webcomic link: Tapas

Stars: 5 of 5


Heartstopper follows two boys, Nick and Charlie, as they navigate school, friends, family, sexuality and their growing relationship. 



This book is like laying down on to the fluffiest bed that has been invented, covered in a blanket that hugs you in a nice warm embrace and pillows that swallow your head in a cloud of fluffiness.

The artwork in this graphic novel/webcomic is beautifully simple and the story flows so nicely. The characters are created and developed amazingly throughout the whole story, even if it’s just a little. Alice also did such a great job at portraying the awkward first love and anxieties some have when they think about coming out or they’re questioning their sexuality.

I need, like, 12 more queer stories that are just as cute and light as this one. I’m always so excited for the webcomic updates on Tapas, they practically make my week (especially when it’s been a crappy week). I would try and wait for the rest of the graphic novel to be published (as the first volume is coming out in 2019!!!!) but I have no self control for things that make me excited and also no patience that will last longer than the times between updates haha.

Honestly, I wish I had more words to describe how much I love Heartsopper and how much it means/meant to me as I explored my sexuality. I’ve never been a huge comic or graphic novel fan. I have no problem reading them, but I’ve only had one other experience back in elementary school where I actually loved the story so much that I was impatiently waiting and agonizing over how long it was until the next volume would be out, so I’d say my love for it is one reason to go and give it a read.

All I have left to say is we need more queer stories/graphic novels like this one.