Happy Endings Vs. Non Happy Endings In Queer Books

I didn’t even know this was an argument that people stood behind one or the other. And yes, I am here to say that people actually do because I’ve seen people arguing over this and choosing sides on my main account.

And now I’m giving my opinion!

Both can exist simultaneously. They’re both valid. *shrug*

Some people like one more than the other or despise one side completely. Does it mean that side shouldn’t exist? No.

What I want is a variety of stories. Ones with happy endings and non happy endings. Why not have a variety for different preferences. Not every person is going to like the same things.

Happy endings are there to tell people that it can get better. Some people need to see that. As a queer person who struggles and has some fears about coming out to certain people, I definitely need to see happy endings in queer books, whatever that happy ending may be.

But do I also need to see non happy endings? Yes. Because they remind me that sometimes things don’t go as planned (and sometimes in a bad way.) that life isn’t going to go easy on me and that I need to prepare myself for some of the harsh realities of life. They’re like warnings sometimes, of things I shouldn’t do. Or reminders that not every experience is a decent one like mine. That some queer people have it worse than I do and that I should take a step back and remember that when I go to speak my mind.

I get that some people have had tough times and prefer happy endings or some people just really like unhappy endings because (and I’ve heard this before) they’re more realistic and not everyone runs off into the sunset on horseback. Everyone’s preferences are different and I respect that. Almost every reason for liking one over the other is a valid reason (Almost every. I’ve read some reasons that were just . . . yeah.)

We desperately need happy endings in queer books to show that our lives are not always tragic. We also need unhappy endings in books to show that yeah stuff does happen and it’s not all rainbows. 

So happy endings vs. non happy endings?

That’s my answer.

Which do you like better? Why (if you don’t mind me asking)?