I Started A Blog

I did the thing! I went a head and started a blog . . . Again. I tried before but the site I used was hard to navigate and the other site, there weren’t enough people to help me when I had questions and it pushed me away from blogging. This time I asked around and looked at them to decide which one I’d like best.

And here we are.

On this blog I plan to post mostly about books. That can be anywhere from book reviews to topics I think are important. Every now and then I’ll make a post about writing (or my writing process) as I figure things out for the story I’m working on. Most of the things I’ll talk about (whether books or writing) will be LGBTQ+ related since that’s where I’m most comfortable. Of course I’ll talk about books and stuff that aren’t about the community but that’s where my post will mostly be.

I’m so excited to get this started!

If you have any ideas or posts you want to see, don’t be afraid to comment. I love hearing feed back and interacting with people.

Thank you for giving me the time,